20 paddlers, a drummer, and a sweep (steersperson)! If you're not in the boat, come cheer the Danforth Team on!!

First round of the races will be between 8:30-10:30 a.m. - the specific schedule will be announced.  Additional rounds will be pending the results of round 1.

Visit the Festival website for complete details!

The Festival will feature food and non-alcoholic drinks vendors, music, and activities for kids. The event is free for spectators. Come out and enjoy the day with friends and family!            

A dragon boat is a long, narrow canoe-style boat that is used in the team paddling sport of dragon boat racing, a tradition which originated in China over two thousand years ago. Dragon boat races are held as part of the annual Duanwu Festival in China, and the tradition has emerged in the past several decades as an international sport. Dragon boats are so-called because they are typically rigged at their ends with decorative Chinese dragon heads and tails.