Plant Growth Facility Team

The Integrated Plant Growth Facility (PGF) Manager and eight staff members operate the PGF.    The Plant Growth Facility team is responsible for plant care 365 days per year, as well as for facility maintenance.  The PGF Manager is on-call 24/7 to respond to climate control alarms.

Kevin Reilly, Manager  kreilly@danforthcenter.org (314) 587-1482
versees PGF operations, coordinates PGF staff, manages space allocation, programs/monitors environmental control systems, facility maintenance, internal and external client relations, experimental design and research program development, SOP and policy development, general greenhouse jobs

Kris Haines, Crop Specialist II khaines@danforthcenter.org
Specialty Crop(s):  Growth Chamber 
Other Specialty Areas:  Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Supply Procurement

Mary Lyon, Crop Specialist    mlyon@danforthcenter.org
Specialty Crop(s):  Cassava Lead
Other Specialty Areas:  Sanitation, PTE Coordination, Vegetative Propagation

Sally Fabbri, Greenhouse Technician II  sfabbri@danforthcenter.org
Specialty Crop(s):  Corn,  Grasses

Adam Boyher,  Greenhouse Technician    aboyher@danforthcenter.org
Specialty Crop(s):  Corn, Cassava

Sharon Edele, Greenhouse Technician   sedele@danforthcenter.org
Specialty Area:   Propagation

Ebony Gray,  Greenhouse Technician    egray@danforthcenter.org
Specialty Crop(s):  Soybean

Bill Kezele, Greenhouse Technician    wkezele@danforthcenter.org
Specialty Crop(s):  Rice, Cool-season crops

Dan Porter,  Greenhouse Technician    dporter@danforthcenter.org
Specialty Crop(s):  Cassava, Sweet Potato

James Pratt, Greenhouse Technician     jpratt@danforthcenter.org
Specialty Crop(s):  Tomato
Other Specialty Areas:  Lighting, carpentry, general facility maintenance

Sylvia Steiner, Greenhouse Technician (Part-time)    ssteiner@danforthcenter.org

Steve Spies,  Greenhouse Technician (Part-time)   sspies@danforthcenter.org

Matthew Adams, Greenhouse Assistant (Part-time)   madams@danforthcenter.org

Adam Barron, Greenhouse Assistant (Part-time)   abarron@danforthcenter.org 

Luke Borkowski, Greenhouse Assistant (Part-time)   lborkowski@danforthcenter.or


Kevin Reilly, 
Manager, Integrated Plant Growth Facility
Danforth Center
975 N. Warson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63132  
(314) 587-1482